The hill is

Keith Denehy

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Keith sings with power yet the audience gets to witness the dynamics and heartfelt lyrics from his vocals. His vocal talents are matched with his guitar playing, where his range defies description. He drives the band with amazing intensity. 

Sean Roberts

Drums, Vocals

Sean has been compared to Jon Bonham and Neil Peart, due to his equal parts feeling as well as technical prowess. The “Backbone” of Angry Hill, not only in his drumming but in the harmonies that he’s singing away behind the kit. Angry Hill has released seven albums selling thousands, all of which have garnished an abundant quantity of praise in critical revue.

Josh Roberts

Bass, Vocals

Josh brings a different style of bass to this rock band as his influences include many from the funk genre. Whether he’s “thumb-slapping” with a funk that makes you get up on your feet, pounding a rhythmic back-beat that moves you off your seat, or just laying down that perfect bass part, you will be sure to feel the Joshman’s presence.